2024 3rd International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Manufacturing System (ICAMTMS 2024)

Call for paper

Authors are invited to submit their contributions that will be reviewed by a committee of prominent individuals who have made significant contributions in the areas of the conferences. Topics are interested by not limited to the following:

(1) Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Micro- Forming and Micro-Manufacturing微成形与微制造
Mechanical Control and Manufacturing Technology机械控制与制造技术
Advanced Forming Manufacturing and Equipment先进成形制造与设备
NEMS/MEMS Technology and EquipmentNEMS/MEMS技术与设备
Advanced NC Techniques and Equipment先进的数控技术和设备
High-speed/Precision Machining and Inspection Technology高速/精密加工与检测技术
Laser Processing Technology


Virtual Manufacturing and Network Manufacturing虚拟制造与网络制造
Digital Manufacture and Management数字化制造与管理
Quality Monitoring and Control of the Manufacturing Process制造过程的质量监控
System Analysis and Industrial Engineering系统分析与工业工程
Rapid Prototyping and 3D Manufacturing快速成型与三维制造
Modular, Flexible and Integrated Technology in Manufacturing制造业中的模块化、柔性和集成技术
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(2) Manufacturing Systems and Automation

Industrial Robotics and Automation工业机器人与自动化
Machinery manufacturing automation机械制造自动化
Computer integrated manufacturing system计算机集成制造系统
Learning and adaptive control systems学习与自适应控制系统
Hybrid intelligent systems混合智能系统
Motor control and power system电机控制与动力系统
Sensor Technology传感器技术
Measure Control Technologies and Intelligent Systems测控技术与智能系统
Intelligent control and system智能控制与系统
Artificial intelligence人工智能
Process Control过程控制
Embedded System and Robot嵌入式系统与机器人
Program Control System程控系统
Network intelligence and network control网络智能与网络控制
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